my disposable

“He paced into the boys bathroom. Headed straight to the sink and calmly turned the tap. He cupped his hands and let them fill with the icy water and l.p
Psuddenly threw it towards his face. He felt a chill go down his spine and felt as energised as he would after a cup of strong coffee.
He let the water drip down his face along with his own tears and grabbed the sides of the sink for support.
Looking up at himself in the mirror he could hardly recognise himself. His once fresh face was now creased with red raw eyes, chapped lips and grey skin. He looked like a mess and he was too far in to be able to stop now.
He let his fingers run down his hollowed cheeks and along his lips, as if he were trying to see if he could even feel anything anymore, or if it had all just gone numb.”


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