New Eves.

I had gotten close to her so she wanted me there.

Dresses were worn and drinks were downed and a good time was had. from then across the room they were with his now sore red eyes and his thinned face and her neat fringe and can in hand.
He stared at me like he had forgotten that we had used to walk along the rivers together and that he had told me those 3 words that I don’t seem to trust anymore.

I covered myself in whatever I could find to make his destroyed image disappear.

6 bottles in the kitchen. 3 puffs outside.

A young adult leading me to a bedroom that later seemed to disappear.

A countdown then came and just to be lame – a kiss was had with a stranger in hopes to just forget.

The last time I saw them that night was in the centre kissing in the light and not letting go of their hands.

I left and threw it up with my friend by my side and fell asleep next to a friend on a bench beside our river.


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