Christmas Is For Friends.

This year just before Christmas, we decided that we didn’t want to say “happy holidays” over Facebook, but be there. all together.

So, at 11.35pm on Christmas Eve, we found ourselves sneaking out of our homes and to her house, where we all clambered to the roof and possibly scaring off Old Saint Nick.

At the stroke of midnight, the eight of us were laid there in silence, watching the world be still for a moment. Quietly wishing the cars passing by “Merry Christmas” and thanking the stars for our existence.
Not one of us spoke for a long time, in fact seven of us fell asleep right there on the flattened roof.
It was me who finally disturbed their unbroken dreams at around 4.23am and we all clambered off the roof groggily, totally oblivious to that beautiful ten minutes 4 hours ago.
Maybe it seemed oblivious, because to them it might not have been magical. In fact they may have found it odd. But I like to believe and I will always believe that that was one of the best Christmases I have ever woken up to.


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