Holiday Wonders.

Christmas seems like a nice tradition, right? A time for kicking you’re heels back and just saying “f*** it.”. Wrong.

Right now, christmas is a burden on my mind that is causing me to lose face. Why you ask?
Well, between all the exam revision, the typical “boy troubles”, the late nights, work and the endless episodes on Netflix, I have zero time to begin even thinking about it.

Plus, the constant nagging from my currently disabled father about whether the lights are straight or the sainsuburys order has come in, Christmas isn’t seeming too thrilling.

However, there is that essence of wonder behind those twinkling lights and the many shopping bags, that leaves a question unanswered – What is Christmas all about?

Popular belief suggests that it is about family. Other more greedy souls suggests it’s about the gift they may or may not receive. Everyone else says that it is just another holiday.
But, to all these I disagree. Christmas for me is just an excuse to pretend you’re happy.

Happy Holidays.


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